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ZYZ bearing was built in 1994, we are specialized in manufacturing various of cylindrical roller bearings, Tapered roller bearings and ball bearings. ZYZ bearing is located in the middle of Shanghai and Hangzhou and close to Qiantang river with a total building area in 35000 square meters, we own 4 plants, totally 500 employees, and there are more than 30 0f experienced R&D Engineers. We produce more than ten million pieces of different types of bearings annually with the OD range in 0 30-360 mm. We supply various products to to different industries such as motor, truck,automotive, fann machinery, precision machine, engineering machinery and so on.
Our Research & Development center is capable of designing and producing various of Non-Standard bearings to fulflll various different application conditions of customers in  different industries, we also provide satisfactory service to cus-tomers including global OEM customers Eaton, Fiat, Valeo, Cnhtc, Xerox.
ZYZ passed IS0 9001 in 1999,passed TS 16949 in 2006, our quality system is in compliance with TS 16949 strictly.
ICP:05011564 Copy right @ Haining ZhengYang Bearing CO.,LTD.
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